Beer Yard Glass or Long Glass

Creating Your Personal Beer Glass Collection


#1. Take it to the Yard! Beer Yard Glass

Beer Yard Glass
Beer Yard GlassBeer Yard glasses or Long Glasses are varied in size, shape an purpose. Let’s start with the tallest beer glass! The Long Glass, or Yard Glass – so called because it is about one yard (3 feet) long – is of English origin. Long and slender, the Beer Yard Glass has a trumpet-shaped opening and a bulbous bottom that is supported in a wooden stand. Oh, and it also comes in a half yard size.

Depending on the maker of the Beer Yard Glass, it holds about one to two liters of liquid. I prefer beer, but take your pick, please. I suppose that Margaritas could be drunk from them, too, but I’m not sure if our Parrot Head friends would approve. 😉 Besides, we’re talking great beer here!

Beer Yard Glass continued

The Beer Yard Glass or Long Glass is rumored to have been used by stagecoach drivers to grab and hold their brew – on the run – so to speak. Actually, it seems unlikely that coach drivers would be drinking from a yard glass. Can you imagine a driver trying to hold – and drink from – a 3’ tall glass of beer, and at the same time, hold the reins and drive the coach, too?

“Sorry Madame, for the rough ride.
I was tippin’ me yard glass up real high – didn’t see the drop-off”.

Such rumors are certainly quaint, and they do have a modern day parallel:

“Bus Drivers Eat Free”

So, maybe it was, “Stagecoach Drivers Drink Free”. That might get some good business for the innkeeper. And if the driver was loopy…Well… Nevertheless, the Beer Yard Glass is a unique glass to have in your beer glass collection! Browse through our on-line store and get some now! Might as well get a half yard glass too while you’re at it. Cheers!

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