Kölsch Beer

Kolsch - Stange-Glass1Kölsch Beer 101

Kölsch Beer is a great warm weather beer. Here is a synopsis of its origin and the Kölsch Beer style.

  • Kölsch Beer is top, warm fermented, pale golden ale.
  • First called Kölsch in Köln (Cologne) Germany in the early 20th century. It’s still the dominant beer consumed in Cologne with about two dozen Cologne breweries producing the popular ale.
  • Kölsch Beer was introduced as a competitor to the Plzen beer – a light lager – that was taking over the former ale market, when the tastes of beer drinkers drifted toward mild flavored and lighter colored brews.
  • Filtered, producing a bright clear beer with a light to medium body. May have some fruitiness with mild bitterness, low hop aroma and a very slightly sweet taste.
  • Traditionally served in a tall cylindrical glass called a Stange (Staan-gah) meaning “rod” or “pole” in German. This ale’s light and crisp tasting – perfect for hot weather.

    Kolsch Beer Wheel
  • Kölsch is an easy drinking beer with an ABV of about 4.5 to 5%. In Cologne Biergartens, the servers (Köbes) carry it in a “Beer Wheel” (Kölschkranz). A mark is placed on your beer mat for each one served, creating a record for your tab.

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