Fort Collins Breweries

As late as 1969, Fort Collins was not a likely candidate for a great beer city. It was a dry town up ‘til then. Well, things changed, and let’s see what we find now as we explore Fort Collins Breweries.

Hefeweizen Beer

Hefeweizen is just what its name says in German – Yeast = Hefe. Wheat = Weizen.

Spent Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, what happens to the grains that brewers use to make the great craft beers served in their brew pub, or to those used by a home brewer? It’s the “secret” ingredient in Craft Beer Chocolate Chip Cookies, of course.

Joyce Kilmer Forest


Beer Poetry – “Beers” ~ With Apologies to Joyce Kilmer
I THINK that I shall never hear
A poem lovely as a beer.
A brew that’s best straight from a tap
With golden hue and snowy cap;

Fat Tire Amber Ale Bread

Biscuit Malt is what gives Fat Tire Amber Ale its main flavor characteristic – that warm, baked-biscuity taste. Because of this unique, bready biscuit flavor, I like using Fat Tire Amber Ale in some recipes. So here, from our own recipe vault, is Black Bucket Brew’s “Fat Tire Cheddar Beer Bread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives.”

Asiago Ale Dip

Yummy Italian Dip Made with Ale is the perfect partner for your favorite crackers – and of course – paired with your favorite ale, too.

Quick Beer Food Pairing

Beer and Food go very well together. What Quick Beer Food Pairing rules to follow is the question.

Canning Yeast Starters

Canning yeast starter? Sure. If you’re like most people you’re stressed for time. So how do you make a starter for your home brew and still have time to play? Well, it’s easy by – canning yeast starters.

Red Frog Beer

It seems that by crossing an Irish pub with a Caribbean beach bar, that a freak of genetics produces a – RedFrog Pub. And so that the frog can get its drink, the pub serves ThirstyFrog Red. Red Frog Beer’s draft beer is Carnival Cruise’s answer to the craft beer revolution.

How to Make Beer – Part 2

Let’s jump back into home brewing your own craft beer with the completion of…
3.) How to Make Beer – Advanced