Quick Beer Food Pairing

Quick Beer Food Pairing Guide

Beer and Food go very well together. What Quick Beer Food Pairing  rules to follow is the question. Simple answer – none. 😉

As a guide though, it’s a good idea to become familiar with mixing chow and beer.

Start with one of your favorite beers – say, an IPA, Porter, or Pilsner. (We’ll keep it simple.)

What’s a good quick beer food pairing starter for these brews?

Three Great Food Pairing Beers – IPA – Porter – Pilsner

Choose Up Sides with this Quick Beer Food Pairing Guide:

IPA – Sweet or Spicy

IPA: Choose sweet or spicy. Or, sweet and spicy. Sweet? Yes, amazingly – yes!

I had an Imperial IPA at a beer festival and was given some great artisan chocolate with it – mmm.  Actually it was not given to me. I took it from the sample basket that a nice vendor offered – repeatedly. Yes, it was really good. Thank you, Olive & Sinclair Chocolate!

Was it the Festival’s atmosphere, or was it really that good? Try it and see. I sure thought so!

A classic choice, and not unusual, is a spicy pork or chicken dish with an IPA, such as Hot chicken wings and IPA, or Grilled pork with a rich spicy sauce and IPA. Yum!

IPA with Spicy Chicken Wings – Hot & Spicy IPA Perfection

Porter – Smoked Foods

Why do smoked Porters exist?  Because the magnificent flavors of smoke and roasted malts go so well together. Take an unsmoked porter enjoy it with smoked food and… Mmm Mmm good.

Try them and see what you’ve been missing! Smoked or grilled meats or vegetables are great with Porters.

Porter with Grilled or Smoked Food

Quick Beer Food Pairing Guide continues below:

Pilsner – Hot Dogs and Burgers

The clean high carbonation level of this brew goes really well with German/American inspired hot dogs and hamburgers. Try one. Or try a dozen. You’ll like them.  No – you’ll love them, I promise!

Pilsner with Hot Dogs & Hamburger

Extra Special Stout – Heavy Desserts

If you’re having a dessert course, then try an Extra Special Stout with chocolate or other heavy sweets. You can’t miss – unless you don’t like chocolate. Hehe.

The most important thing is to try beer and food – if you love both – you’ll love them even more – together!

True Dessert Stout or Dry Stout with Chocolate

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