Red Frog Beer

Red Frog Beer

Carnival’s Red Frog Beer is sailing!

We’re sailing along with “ThirstyFrog Red” today! Red Frog Beer, Carnival Cruise Lines private label Craft Beer is on the seas and boarding now.

What’s a Thirsty Red Frog doing on a cruise ship?”

Well, frogs are amphibians; they swim and hop along on land, and they need a drink once in a while, so… Let’s see what’s up.

It seems that by crossing an Irish pub with a Caribbean beach bar, that a freak of genetics produces a – RedFrog Pub. And so that the frog can get its drink, the pub serves ThirstyFrog Red.  Red Frog Beer’s draft beer is Carnival Cruise’s answer to the craft beer revolution.

Frog-1“Is it any good?”

Don’t know yet.

This pub also has Firecracker Jamaican Chicken Wings. Not sure what genetic cross that is, but it does sound like it would be a good treat with a really great IPA.

The cruise line introduced the new themed pub last year and its private label beer hasn’t, and probably won’t, reach the mainland USA – since it’s served on a ship.

They need some reviews of Red Frog Beer.  Hey, maybe Carnival will send me two free tickets to test their new…

…Never mind – that’s a fantasy. Hold it – isn’t “Fantasy” one of their ships? There could be hope yet! 😉


Cruise Ship Runs Out of Precious Fuel – Red Frog Beer

Carnival CEO was quoted as saying that on its at-sea debut, ThirstyFrog Red was “even more popular than we expected.” Departing from Venice, Italy, on the debut cruise last year, the ship ran out of ThirstyFrog Red – the Red Frog Beer – before it reached its first port.

TastyFrog Red – Red Frog Beer – Reviewers Needed: Apply Here

So, if you’ll be cruisin’, and you wish to review TastyFrog Red, here’s what you do:

  • Take your cruise.
  • Sample the beer – liberally.
  • Send us your review with original photos and we’ll get it posted asap!


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  1. I was just looking to see if I could purchase Red Frog Pub tee shirts on line. I just got back from a cruise with Carnival. I did go to the Red Frog Pub and loved, loved it. I had all good intentions of buying a couple tee shirts and forgot. I would love to purchase a couple, but need to know how I can do that.

    I would love to hear from some one regarding this.

    Thank You

  2. I too would like to purchase some T-shirts so PLEASE – if there is a way, let me know as well. THANK YOU

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