Summer Shandy Recipe

Not 1, But 2! Summer Shandy Recipes

Summer Shandy Recipe – Beer for Non-Beer-Lovers

You may find that a Summer Shandy Recipe is just what someone who doesn’t like beer will like. Here, let’s give it a try!

It’s so simple; it’s child’s play for adult children. Summer Shandy is mix of a light style beer and lemonade, or flavored sparkling water. Here are 2 Summer Shandy recipes!

Summer Shandy Recipe 1

From the famous chef – Betty Crocker.  😉

Summer Shandy – Beer with Lemonade!

Summer Shandy Recipe 1 Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup chilled lemonade
  • 12 oz chilled wheat beer or light lager
  • lemon wedges or slices (optional)
  • Ice (optional)
  • Sprig of mint (optional)

Summer Shandy 1 Directions:

  1. Pour 1/4 cup lemonade into glass
  2. Gently pour 3/4 cup beer into glass
  3. Serve immediately

Makes 2 small servings

~ ~ ~

Summer Shandy Recipe 2 (Euro Style)

From the not-so-famous Black Bucket Brew kitchen 🙂

Summer Shandy – Beer with Lemonade

Summer Shandy 2 Ingredients:

    • 24 oz. lemon flavored chilled sparkling water
    • 2 – 12 oz. wheat beer, pilsner, light lager or witbier (white beer)
    • Ice (optional)

Summer Shandy 2 Directions:

      1. Gently pour 6 oz. lemon flavored sparkling water into a 16 oz. serving glass
      2. Slowly add 6 oz. beer
      3. Serve immediately

Alternately you can mix 24 oz. of lemon flavored sparkling water and 24 oz. beer in a pitcher. Do it slowly, so as not to stir out the carbonation.

Makes 4 full size servings 🙂

Enjoy your Summer Shandy!

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