Red Frog Beer

It seems that by crossing an Irish pub with a Caribbean beach bar, that a freak of genetics produces a – RedFrog Pub. And so that the frog can get its drink, the pub serves ThirstyFrog Red. Red Frog Beer’s draft beer is Carnival Cruise’s answer to the craft beer revolution.

Sierra Nevada to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Great News, All!

One of the fastest growing and best craft breweries in the US is opening a new, second location. Yes, they are expanding, moving outward from West to East.

Starting a Craft Beer Brew Pub – In Your Home?

So, you’re ready to start your own home brewery. Not huge amounts to sell – you just want to make your own. You want to enjoy the creative process, experiment with different recipes, and enjoy it by yourself and with your friends. Then, “they” come along.