Oyster Stout

Can you believe that someone would put oysters in beer?
“Shucks, you’re surely kidding – right?”
Nope, it’s true.
In England, oysters and beer were often consumed together. Oysters were like the peanuts or pretzels of today’s pubs – just a snack to go with your brew.
Having shucked many oysters in a seafood restaurant in my college days, I surely feel for those who popped open all those bivalves.

Kölsch Beer

Kölsch Beer is a great warm weather beer. Enjoy this synopsis of its origin and the Kölsch Beer style.

Hefeweizen Beer

Hefeweizen is just what its name says in German – Yeast = Hefe. Wheat = Weizen.


Radler – aka Shandy
Radler is a coolant that refreshes, is light on taste, and gives you a “livin’ is easy” feeling? You know – this one could be called a “lawn mower” beer.


In the 17th century, England colonized India and stationed military and other English citizens there. Military men were accustomed to drinking 1 gallon of ale a day and expected the same when stationed abroad. That was a big problem for British Ale in India.