In the 17th century, England colonized India and stationed military and other English citizens there. Military men were accustomed to drinking 1 gallon of ale a day and expected the same when stationed abroad. That was a big problem for British Ale in India.

Vermont Maple Beer

Hey, using real Vermont Maple Sap makes it special! Not many craft breweries of any size can be awarded a “Beer World Cup”. Lawson’s was a Silver winner in 2012 and a Bronze medalist in 2010 in the specialty beer category of the Beer World Cup!

Sierra Nevada to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Great News, All!

One of the fastest growing and best craft breweries in the US is opening a new, second location. Yes, they are expanding, moving outward from West to East.

Craft Beer Food Pairing

OK, have you got your appetite on? Good! I do, too – so let’s go!
“Where are we going?”
We’re going to a Craft Beer Food Pairing Party! A Flight Party.
Get ready for some great craft beer and great food, too!

Craft Beer Has Gone to the Dogs!

You do know that dogs can talk, right? And if you understood them – well – wouldn’t you give them what they really desire? Sure – so here is what their hearts really desire – fresh, healthy, and eco-friendly Dog Treats! …Oops, I mean a recipe for those delicious dog treats. ?

Starting a Craft Beer Brew Pub – In Your Home?

So, you’re ready to start your own home brewery. Not huge amounts to sell – you just want to make your own. You want to enjoy the creative process, experiment with different recipes, and enjoy it by yourself and with your friends. Then, “they” come along.

Craft Beer Fries – Do You Want Fries With That?

Last summer, I repeatedly made a whole bunch of deep-fried crisp potato French Fries. So I feel very qualified to tell you that it is possible to “have your fries and drink them, too”. But, I did not get to eat them all – not with a bunch of hungry teenagers around.